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Bringing People Together For a Better World

Diversity and Inclusion

In our experience, when you bring together a diverse community of bold, ambitious and passionate creators the potential for growth is limitless. That is why we are all in on our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.


- Fulfilling big dreams requires hard work

- Hard work responds to passion and choice, not an obligation

- It only works if you love what you do and you are passionate for the company

- We treat our people like owners providing flexibility to satisfied personal and individual needs

- We believe that face to face interaction promotes collaboration, speeds decision making and creates transparency

- Open communication with your immediate superior regarding your workload is essential

Principios Grupo Modelo

In Grupo Modelo we are already running a diversity and inclusion campaign called Somos Autenticos. This campaign communicates the importance that our collaborators share their essence and beliefs with the certainty that they will be respected.

The campaign has 3 pillars that strengthen all our diversity and inclusion initiatives:

Modelo Life

A program that promotes respect for the holiday periods of our collaborators and supports those who have a disability or a family member who has it.

Principios Grupo Modelo

Modelo Opportunities

Oriented in the recruitment process to be more inclusive and that guarantee a greater diversity of thought, university / schools, experience and gender. This pillar also seeks to ensure wage equality through meritocracy.

Principios Grupo Modelo

Modelo Mom

We want our women to feel supported so they can grow and develop simultaneously on their professional while being mothers.

i. This program consists in extending one more month maternity leave and granting five additional days for paternity to the new parents, this way, we grant a gradual return once women join their work activities normally.

ii. Additionally, we grant a subsidy of 85% in the payment of nurseries for mothers, this initiative will benefit more than 200 children.

We have a shared services center in Aguascalientes that has more than 1000 collaborators, and the majority is women. This is just one more sign that we firmly trust that betting on women is a key strategy for the continuity and prosperity of the company.

In all our business units we have parking spaces for pregnant women as well as breastfeeding areas as part of our facilities.

Principios Grupo Modelo

At Grupo Modelo we believe that, by forming a community of audacious, ambitious and passionate people, the potential for growth is unlimited. The diversity of thought is an indispensable element to challenge our status quo, create true intellectual synergies to catapult the growth of our company and achieve our dream, bringing people together for a better world

"Grupo Modelo bringing people together for a autentic world"